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The Center for Snow & Avalanche Studies serves the mountain science community and regional resource managers by hosting & conducting interdisciplinary research and conducting integrative 24/7/365 monitoring that captures weather, snowpack, radiation, soils, plant community and hydrologic signals of regional climate trends.

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CSAS News: December 2010

AGU LogoNumerous posters and talks at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco, December 13-17, 2010, will feature recent work snow system science projects being supported by the Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies.  If you're at this Fall Meeting, please check them out!

Monday, December 13, 8:00-10:00 AM at 3010 (Moscone West)
Session: C11C. Polar Snow and Firn and Innovative Data Acquisition Methods for Snow Science I
Title: Estimating SWE distribution with a combination of groundbased radar measurements, modeling and remote sensing (C11C-01).
: H. Marshall; D.G. Marks; A.H. Winstral; R. Shrestha; A.T. Hudak

Monday, December 13, 8:45-9:00 AM at Loess 2.0 (Moscone West)
: PP11F. Milestones and Recent Advances in the Study of Loess, Dust, and Other Eolian Sediment Archives I
Title: Response of Colorado River runoff to dust radiative forcing in snow (PP11F-04).
Authors: T.H. Painter; J.S. Deems; J. Belnap; A.F. Hamlet; C. Landry; B. Udall

Wednesday, December 15, 1:40-6:00 PM at Poster Hall (Moscone South)
Session: C33C. Monitoring, Measuring, and Modeling Snow Processes Posters
Title: Comparison of image derived, measured and modeled SWE in relation to snow-melt runoff for the Senator Beck basin, CO during the spring of 2010 (C33C-0538).
Authors: S. Frankenstein; E.J. Deeb; G.G. Koenig

Session: C33D. Polar Snow and Firn and Innovative Data Acquisition Methods for Snow Science II Posters
: A comparison of Ground-Based LiDAR, contact spectroscopy, FMCW radar, and manual snow pit profiles of a
mountain snowpack (C33D-0562)
Authors: J.S. Deems; D.C. Finnegan; E.J. Deeb; H. Marshall; A.C. Bryant; S. Skiles; C. Landry; T.H. Painter

Title: Field Collection Efforts of Snowpack Properties in Support of Remote Sensing Applications (C33D-0564.).
Authors: E.J. Deeb; H. Marshall; J.S. Deems; D.C. Finnegan; T.H. Painter; C. Landry; A.C. Bryant; S. Skiles

Session: C33F. Seasonal Snow Covers in a Changing Climate: Implications for Hydrological, Biogeochemical, and Ecological Processes II Posters.
Title: Interannual Variability in Radiative Forcing and Snowmelt Rates by Desert Dust in Snowcover in the Colorado River Basin (C33F-0598).
Authors: S. Skiles; T.H. Painter; A.P. Barrett; C. Landry; J.S. Deems; A.H. Winstral

Thursday, December 16, 1:40-6:00 PM at Poster Hall (Moscone South)
: GC43A. Biogeochemical Responses to a Changing Arctic I Posters
Title: Changing the seasonality of an Arctic tundra ecosystem: earlier snowmelt and warmer temperatures (GC43A-0955).
Authors: H. Steltzer; M.N. Weintraub; A. Darrouzet-Nardi; C. Melle; A. Segal; P. Sullivan; C. Landry; M.D. Wallenstein

Friday, December 17, 5:00-5:15 PM at 3011 (Moscone West)
: C54B. Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere III
Title: Scale and sensor dependency of measurements of dust radiative forcing in snow (C54B-05).
Authors: A.C. Bryant; T.H. Painter