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For the wind rose graphs, you may want to see our wind rose metadata as well as our wind rose generator.

Below are 3 windroses depicting the same storm event and typical differences between our 3 Study Plots.

SASP is wind protected
PTSP is our best site for measuring wind
SBSP, our alpine site, shows terrain steering
SASP Storm Wind Rose PTSP Storm 18 2012 Wind Rose Image SBSP Storm 18 2012 Wind Rose Image

Click image below for a series of slides comparing Wind Roses from 5 winters, 5 summers, and 2 study plots (PTSP, SBSP).
We recommend viewing in PowerPoint, though a PDF version is also available.

PTSP Winter Wind Roses

PTSP Summer Wind Rose Images

SBSP Winter Wind Rose Images

SBSP Summer Wind Rose Images