In addition to offering our Senator Beck Basin Study Area research and monitoring facility at Red Mountain Pass, CSAS provides research support services for our hosted researchers in the form of fieldwork, instrumentation development, experimental and research design consultation, seminar hosting, and collaboration on snow system research projects.  Please contact Executive Director Jeff Derry to discuss your particular needs and goals, and for references with those researchers we have already been pleased to assist.

The Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies has had the privilege of supporting a number of talented researchers and students in our brief history:

Researchers Hosted and Assisted in Silverton and Senator Beck Basin:

• Dr. Luca Egli – World Radiation Center (PMOD/WRC), Davos, Switzerland • Dr. Martyn Clark – National Center for Atmospheric Research • Dr. Eli Deeb – Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab (US Army) • Dr. Hans-Peter Marshall – Boise State University • Dr. Heidi Steltzer – Fort Lewis College • PhD candidate Annie Bryant – University of Utah  • PhD candidate McKenzie Skiles, UCLA • Dr. Tom Painter – UCLA & NASA Jet Propulsion Lab • Dr. Christine Pielmeier – Inst. for Snow & Avalanche Research SLF, Switz. • Dr. Jason Neff – University of Colorado, Terrestrial Biogeochemistry Lab • Dr. Ashley Ballantine – University of Colorado, Geological Sciences • Dr. Anne Sheehan – University of Colorado, CIRES • PhD candidate (ABD) Andrew Barrett – National Snow and Ice Data Center • Dr. – University of Colorado, under Dr. Neff • PhD candidate Sara Simonson – Colorado State University • PhD candidate Janice Brahney – University of Colorado, under Dr. Neff • MSc Graduate Sarah Castle – University of Colorado, under Dr. Neff • Nicholas Caselli – Fort Lewis College • Shane Straddling – Fort Lewis College • Zoe Courville – Cold Regions Research Laboratory

Researchers Assisted At-A-Distance


  • Dr. Richard Essery, University of Edinburgh, U.K. • Dr. Mark Raleigh – National Center for Atmospheric Research • Dr. Jessica Lundquist – University of Washington • Dr. Yonghua Chen – Columbia University • Dr. Catherine Naud – Columbia University • Dr. Jim Miller – Rutgers University • Michael Follum – US Army Corp of Engineers in Vicksburg, MS • Dr. Nick Pepin – Portsmouth University, U.K. • Dr. Imtiaz Rangwalla – Western Water Assessment, CIRES, University of Colorado • Dr. Nick Rutter – University of Sheffield, U.K. • Dr. Ned Bair – University of California – Santa Barbara • MSc graduate Kathleen McBride – University of Northern Arizona • Richard Essery – University of Edinburgh

    Field Classes & Workshops Hosted and Assisted

  • Western Snow Conference 2014 Field Excursion • Arizona State University • Mankato State University • Texas State University • Southern Illinois University • Colorado State University • University of Colorado – Boulder • University of Colorado – Colorado Springs • Prescott College • Snow Impurities Workshop – July 2009 • Fort Lewis College • University of Portsmouth, U.K. • Colorado Rocky Mountain School • Silverton School • Montrose High School • Ouray Middle School • International Snow Science Workshop Field Excursion – 2006 • Snow Characterization Workshop – 2008 • MTNCLIM Field Excursion – 2008 • SnowEX – 2017 to 2021