Dr. Heidi SteltzerPhD, mountain and Arctic scientist, explorer, science storyteller. Heidi studies how environmental changes affect mountain watersheds and Arctic ecosystems and their link to our well-being. She earned her BS in Biology at Duke University and a PhD in Ecosystem Ecology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Heidi is an Associate Professor in Biology at Fort Lewis College, living in a mountain region of the Western USA. Heidi has spent 24 years conducting field studies on mountain hillslopes in Colorado, and in tundra and treeline watersheds in Greenland and Alaska. She’s studied how earlier snowmelt due to desert dust depositionwarmer temperatures, elevated carbon dioxide, and increased nitrogen deposition affect key plant functions that protect human well-being. She serves society as a lead author on the IPCC special report on the oceans and cryosphere. Her research takes her where others don’t go, and through teaching and science engagement, Heidi shares science stories. Find her on social media @heidimountains and http://www.heidisteltzer.com/.

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