This Precip and Storm Report Excel Workbook contains the current and past 13 seasons of CSAS winter storm data, including:

  • Dates, times and duration of each winter storm event (2003-current)
  • Change in the height of snow at both our alpine Senator Beck study plot and our subalpine Swamp Angel site.
  • Peak gust data from our Putney site.
  • Mean and maximum precipitation intensity during each storm
  • Total new water accumulation in mm for each storm event.
  • Summary data for each month of the season.
  • Cumulative annual precipitation graph by month
Past Winter Storm Reports:

See our Current Conditions for the latest hourly dataAll times shown are in Mountain Standard Time (MST)

2022-2023 Winter Storm Reports

Storm Report #4, November 28-29, 2022: Another 0.5″ Precipitation


Storm Report #3, November 2-4, 2022: Another Multiday Storm, 1.7″ Precipitation


Storm Report #2, October 26-27, 2022: Little Storm Over 30 Hours


Storm Report #1, October 22-24, 2022: Snow Accumulation Begins for WY2023