CSAS Wind Rose Tool

Select the wind data you’d like to use*** (see the wind rose metadata for details):

Putney Study Plot Senator Beck Study Plot Swamp Angel Study Plot
 October 1, 2015-present  October 1, 2015-present  October 1, 2015-present
 Oct 5, 2004 – Sept  30, 2014
 Oct 30, 2003 – Sept 30, 2014
 Nov 9, 2003 – Sept 30, 2014

Enter the Start Date and 1st Hour in the format:
yyyy-mm-dd-hh (i.e. 2011-10-30-01 for Oct 30, 2011 at 0100 hrs)

Enter the number of additional hours to include after the start time
(use 0 if you only want to include the start hour; use 23 for a full 24 hour period)

Select your preferred unit of measurement:

Example of a wind rose showing Putney wind data during a winter storm (storm #18 for the 2011-2012 winter):