May 2008 

In a masterful display of organizing and logistical planning, Dr. Nicholas Pepin, a Lecturer in the Geography Department at the University of Portsmouth, and two of his colleagues brought over twenty undergraduate students from Britain to Silverton for a 10-day field camp.  Even more impressive, the students covered all their own costs.  The Mountain Studies Institute provided hostel-style housing for the group in Silverton and the CSAS provided the venue for their field experiments, at and near our Swamp Angel Study Plot.  Many of the students had never been in this type of mountain environment before and were thrilled, if a little winded, with the views of Red Mountain #3 (in the background) during their first visit to the study site.  Dr. Pepin is seen in the center of the photo wearing a green pack and ball cap.  Students conducted a variety of challenging snow experiments and observations and will present their results in a poster (pending).