Our Mountain System Monitoring data is made possible by private donations, funding from stakeholders, and the research community. Before using any of the following data you must agree to the policies governing use of CSAS data.

Data users should reference: Landry, C. C., K. A. Buck, M. S. Raleigh, and M. P. Clark (2014), Mountain system monitoring at Senator Beck Basin, San Juan Mountains, Colorado: A new integrative data source to develop and evaluate models of snow and hydrologic processes, Water Resour. Res., 50, doi:10.1002/2013WR013711.

Please contact jderry@snowstudies.org for assistance in working with CSAS data, additional formats, and in interpreting radiation/energy budget data. See current conditions for near real-time data.


Swamp Angel
Study Plot
Senator Beck
Study Plot
Study Plot
Senator Beck
Stream Gauge
Metadata SASP_metadata.pdf SBSP_metadata.pdf PTSP_metadata.pdf SBSG_metadata.pdf
Table of variables measured and CF Standard Names SASP_variables.xlsx SBSP_variables.xlsx PTSP_variables.xlsx SBSG_variables.xlsx
Entire Period of
(comma delimited)
2003 – 2017
All 1 Hour data
All 3 Hour data
All 24 Hour data
2003 – 2017
All 1 Hour data
All 3 Hour data
All 24 Hour data
2004 – 2017
All 1 Hour data
All 3 Hour data
All 24 Hour data
2005 – 2017
All 1 Hour dataAll 24 Hour data
Serially Complete Meteorological Forcing Datasets
(fixed width text)
2006 – 2012
SASP forcing
2006 – 2012
na na
Forcing Data ‘Read Me’ File


Summer 2017 pending pending pending pending
Winter 2016/2017 SASP_w1617.xlsx SBSP_w1617.xlsx PTSP_w1617.xlsx shut down
Summer 2016 SASP_s2016.xls SBSP_s2016.xls PTSP_s2016.xls SBSG_s2016.xls
Winter 2015/2016 SASP_w1516.xlsx SBSP_w1516.xlsx PTSP_w1516.xlsx shut down
Summer 2015 SASP_s2015.xls SBSP_s2015.xls PTSP_s2015.xls SBSG_s2015.xls
Winter 2014/2015 SASP_w1415.xlsx SBSP_w1415.xlsx PTSP_w1415.xlsx shut down
Summer 2014 SASP_s2014.xls SBSP_s2014.xls PTSP_s2014.xls SBSG_s2014.xls
Winter 2013/2014 SASP_w1314.xlsx SBSP_w1314.xlsx PTSP_w1314.xlsx shut down
Summer 2013 SASP_s2013.xls SBSP_s2013.xls PTSP_s2013.xls SBSG_s2013.xls
Winter 2012/2013 SASP_w1213.xls SBSP_w1213.xls PTSP_w1213.xls shut down
Summer 2012 SASP_s2012.xls SBSP_s2012.xls PTSP_s2012.xls SBSG_s2012.xls
Winter 2011/2012 SASP_w1112.xls SBSP_w1112.xls PTSP_w1112.xls shut down
Summer 2011 SASP_s2011.xls SBSP_s2011.xls PTSP_s2011.xls SBSG_s2011.xls
Winter 2010/2011 SASP_w1011.xls SBSP_w1011.xls PTSP_w1011.xls shut down
Summer 2010 SASP_s2010.xls SBSP_s2010.xls PTSP_s2010.xls SBSG_s2010.xls
Winter 2009/2010 SASP_w0910.xls SBSP_w0910.xls PTSP_w0910.xls shut down
Summer 2009 SASP_s2009.xls SBSP_s2009.xls PTSP_s2009.xls SBSG_s2009.xls
Basin Baseline Study, Repeat Survey, Summer 2009
Winter 2008/2009 SASP_w0809.xls SBSP_w0809.xls PTSP_w0809.xls shut down
Summer 2008 SASP_s2008.xls SBSP_s2008.xls PTSP_s2008.xls SBSG_s2008.xls
Winter 2007/2008 SASP_w0708.xls SBSP_w0708.xls PTSP_w0708.xls shut down
Summer 2007 SASP_s2007.xls SBSP_s2007.xls PTSP_s2007.xls SBSG_s2007.xls
Winter 2006/2007 SASP_w0607.xls SBSP_w0607.xls PTSP_w0607.xls shut down
Summer 2006 SASP_s2006.xls SBSP_s2006.xls (shut down to prevent lightning damage) SBSG_s2006.xls
Winter 2005/2006 SASP_w0506.xls SBSP_w0506.xls PTSP_w0506.xls shut down
Summer 2005 SASP_s2005.xls SBSP_s2005.xls (shut down to prevent lightning damage) SBSG_s2005.xls
Winter 2004/2005 SASP_w0405.xls SBSP_w0405.xls PTSP_w0405.xls
Summer 2004 SASP_s2004.xls (shut down for major improvements) (under construction)
Winter 2003/2004 SASP_w0304.xls SBSP_w0304.xls
For inquires about datasets, contact Jeff Derry (jderry@snowstudies.org).